About Our Fencing Products

All our manufactured fencing products are made on site, enabling us to control the quality of finish.  We carry a large stock of standard fence panels, concrete posts and gravel boards, we also make non standard sized fence panels to order.

The most popular and cost effective way of constructing a run of fencing is to use concrete posts, concrete gravel boards and feather edge close board fence panels.  This not only looks attractive but makes it easy to replace or repair individual panels at a later date if required, as the panels slot into the posts.  Concrete posts aren’t susceptible to rotting like wooden posts are and the concrete gravel boards serve to keep the wooden fence panel raised above the wet ground, prolonging the life of the panel.

Our vertical feather edge close board fence panels are constructed using 125mm x ex22mm pressure treated boards with 45mm x 38mm back rails and are finished with a top cap to protect the ends of the boards from the rain.  Our fence panels are therefore very strong and weather resistant, as well as being pleasing to the eye.  They should be treated annually with wood preservative to keep them in tip top condition.  We make a range of different shapes and sizes – please see our Catalogue page for details.

Our concrete posts and gravel boards are strengthened with 5.5mm steel reinforcing rods made in Britain.  Our production process using a vibrating table gives a smooth finish to the surface of the product by reducing the number and size of air holes which would otherwise spoil the appearance of the posts and gravel boards.  We make our gravel boards in a range of different surface finishes – please see our Catalogue page for more details.

For those who prefer their fencing made entirely of wood, we also stock wooden fence posts and gravel boards.

All our gates are made to order in either feather edge, tongue and groove or palisade design, with standard widths up to 3ft and a maximum width of 4ft.  We can supply the hinges, bolts and latches you’ll need to finish fitting and securing your gate.

We also stock a range of products to enable you to repair an existing fence – please see our Catalogue page for more details.