6ft Brown Feather Edge Closeboard Panels - Transitional

High side (from the front): Left
High side height: 7ft
Sale price£60.00


Our Featheredge Closeboard Panels are a heavy duty vertically boarded panel made from selected softwoods. The transitional panel allows you to step the height of fence up or down.

- Featheredge boarding: 2Ex 125mm x 22mm
- Framing: 50mm x 32mm back rails
- Capping: 50mm x 22mm top cap

The timber used in these panels is supplied pressure treated which helps protect the panels from rot, fungal decay and insect infestation. As with all wooden products, exposure to the weather may cause fading. Further staining is recommended if this occurs.

Transitional panels are made to order to the heights required for your fence. Please ring us  to order.

Colour may vary slightly from that shown whilst remaining brown

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