Our primary fencing is featheredge closeboard fence panels with concrete posts andgravelboards. We can also supply featheredge boards with timber posts and woodengravelboards for an all timber fence. Additionally, we can do trellis, bespoke horizontalslatted fencing, and composite fencing. Please get in touch for more information!

Yes, we do! We are happy to visit your property to assess your project and give a free,no-obligation quotation. Give us a ring on 01332 361368 or send us a message here.

If you are looking for a quote for a complete fencing project (materials, installation, waste removal) just fill out our quote request form here or ring us on 01332 361368. We will arrange a site visit to assess your project and provide a free, no obligation quote. 

If you want an estimate of the cost of fencing materials for a DIY project, check out our fencing calculator.

We are happy to offer local delivery for orders over within 25 miles of our shop. Delivery fees are calculated on distance and, in the case of very large orders, by weight. Fees are listed here and will be displayed when you enter your delivery address at checkout.

No, delivery is extra. You can find our full delivery policy and prices here.

All our timber (except sleepers) is mixed conifer softwood and is pressure-treated brown.

From a durability point of view, concrete posts will certainly outlast timber ones. Using concrete posts together with concrete gravelboards can extend the life of your timber panels by keeping the panels off the ground and away from moisture. 

Aesthetically, it is a matter of personal preference whether you like the look of the concrete posts and gravelboards or if you prefer the look of all timber. 

If the cost is the most important factor for you please get in touch as some timber optionscan save a few pennies, but others might end up actually costing more than the concrete!

Gravelboards are the plinths that sit on the ground under your fencing or fence panels. Theykeep the fence panels off the ground away from moisture to help prevent the panels fromrotting. Concrete gravelboards are used with concrete posts and wooden gravelboards areused with wooden posts.

Rules and guidelines can vary by area and sometimes even by street so we are unable tooffer planning advice. Please contact your local planning department if you need moreinformation before starting your project.

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